Models Wanted


This is a volunteer project. There is no currency or free publications offered to ANYONE including our staff. 

You will however, have a professional modeling job on a professional website and in a professionally published magazine 

to use as a resume reference/enhancer.

You must be aged 18+.

All sizes ALWAYS welcome.

If you are interested in being a Chaos Chix model, please email us the following-

8 or more photos of yourself

(Any photographer credits you may have)

The name you go by:




Eye color:

Hair color:


Any modeling links you may have:

Contact email:

Any links for you that you would like to share:

Mini bio about yourself. A MINIMUM of 100 words.

Email all of the above to:

If/when you are accepted as a model you will have to send in 8 or more new photos on the first of every month to our email 

to stay active on our site and to be published in our monthly magazine.

Email all of the above to: 

Our REQUIRED photo guidelines:

Photos do not have to be professional

All photos must be large and clear and owned by you as we will be watermarking them and possibly editing them.


NO photos with other people in them

Selfie sticks and tripods are accepted

We do not accept edited photos, watermarked photos, or logo stamped photos.

When you send us your photos you are giving us permission to edit your photos, 

publish them, and use them in ads for the Chaos Chix. 

We use your photos in only positive ways, and we edit them favorably at all times.

© Copyright Chaos Chix