a member of a movement 
of feminists
associated with being 
unique, role models.

Chaos Chix was created by and is run by Molly Roxx, an expert with 17 years experience in the recruitment and promotion of new and experienced models. can help you get the exposure and professional promotion you need to get your modeling career a step ahead.

Started on 8/9/2021 the Chaos Chix are magazine and web models 
who were created/developed to honor the “riot girl” movement.
Brought to you by Molly Roxx  at:
ri·ot girl
/ˈrīət ɡərl/
a member of a movement of  feminists
 associated with aggressive punk-style rock music.

                        WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN US:                        

We promote you on our official website and on our social media pages. We also promote you with professionally published, monthly magazines which show the world who you are while adding to your modeling resumes.

                            HOW WE WORK:                       

We welcome female models of all sizes, shapes, and heights. Whether you are a fashion, runway, commercial, petite, plus size, or alternative model we invite you to join us. No experience or professional photos required.

To promote people of all shapes, sizes, sexes, and styles.
To show every type of beauty there is.
To be ‘in your face’ to as many people as she can be,
because EVERYONE needs to open their minds to the diversity that beauty holds.


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